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Before Caldo, Harissa could only be found at specialty spice and/or kitchen shops.  Of the harissa’s available, none were like the authentic Harissa’s from our travels around the Mediterranean.  They were typically either in a powdered form or watered down and stretched with tomatoes or vinegar.  

 As the saying goes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourselves. 


So we set off to create the perfect blend of chili peppers, grinding them with the perfect amounts of garlic and spices, and the perfect harissa was the harissa we made ourselves. Initially we simply to made harissa for ourselves and family and friends.  But, demand was growing.  Friends of friends began to ask.  Friends of friends of friends began to ask. 


Our supply was in demand.  So, in 2012, Caldo formed its company, Caldo Foods, and began its production and marketing of Caldo Harissa, our ground-breaking product.  During the developmental phase of Caldo Harissa, additional dips and products jumped onto our bandwagon, and we are excited to share these healthy products with you.

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